bzz Woman - Spring/Summer 2011
Out of my creative process, when I have to describe my last collection I do not see garments, I only see wearable objects. I constructed them, individually, one by one. Knotting and knitting, I threatened the usual hierarchy of materials and working processes. With technical ingenuity and through a primitive involvement with the materials, my hands shaped a metamorphosis.
I foresee a new civilization of pickers. No farmers, no hunters anymore. Just pickers of roots and fruits, choosy pickers from the Valley of Eden: this is a place already rich of everything, where that everything needs just to be picked up and transformed. As a sound designer or a DJ, I composed and assembled samples and fragments, blending the rough with the smooth, the coarse and the noble. What sorts out is modern music – or should I say bzz, the buzz of contemporary fashion.
I found a visionary inspiration in Polish born artist Magdalena Abakanowicz’s early works with tapestry and weaving, and in her late 60’s Abakans, huge hanging metaphors of the origins of life - the female. I designed my works sharing a similar inspiration but meaning with a different vocabulary.
Who did I invent? A medusa woman, wearing an object as a physical prosthesis, to enhance her ability in detecting the surrounding – for danger, predators, or coupling? Her tentacles are sensors, as useful as dangerous. She is beautiful and dreadful, her look may enchant or burn to ashes. She is definitely a glamorous medusa, a woman worth to be taken into the right account. She lives in a liquid environment, when relations between things and individuals continuously reconfigurate to adapt.
As for Zygmut Bauman’s paradigm of the society as a liquid and precarious state, I neglect all preconditioned responses to the conventions of dressing a woman. My works are hand-made, tailored, constructed on basic shapes and enriched with my skills, sensibility and physical effort. Materials can be very rich or very poor – disconnected from their original context. The experience requires a plus in intention and participation by the user.

photos by Michele De Andreis

Shown at: Vogue Talents, Milan