bzz Woman - Fall/Winter 2010/11
This is a project about meanings: the many ways to deconstruct them and reinterpret their concepts, usages, senses, effects. Turning Carabiniere trousers into a sexy evening dress is both a statement and a joke. It is a reflection about the concept of garments, their social usage and effects: this can be as frivolous as radical, and definitely very personal. From meaning to volume, this shift is the language of the cloth itself.
bzz creates new shapes and proportions – glamour and structure always make love. It lives at the intersections of fashion, art, market and culture. A leather ringed trunk quotes Gerhard Richter's design for the stained glass windows in the Köln Cathedral, as well as an architecture of bubbles wraps up the neck of a cloack, making a vest more similar to a Zaha Hadid's shape.
bzz combines precious haute-couture prototypes and après-defilé garments with rougher fabrics and (the designer’s) “costless” used clothes. It deconstructs silky chiffoned evening dresses of cult fashion designers translating their original meaning into another syntax. The outcome is playful, surprising and unexpected.
Shown at: ProjektGalerie, Berlin; Public Image PR, Paris

photos by Juergen Schabes