bzz Man - Spring/Summer 2011
The concept of this collection is a dialogue between strength and delicacy – the never ending contradiction in being and acting as a man.
Young human males need to decorate themselves to define their sexual identity and their social rank. Human males are not the same as birds or big felines: peacocks or lions have no doubt about who is the male and who is not.
Now fashion evolutionism tend to consider genre differences less relevant – because they are less functional than in the past. I chose the basic template of each human male: the t-shirt. I reversed its primary sense – as irrelevant as fundamental – from a 1-dimension only to a 3D effect. I turn it into a screen to broadcast shapes and visual effects, a projection OUT of the pane, a signal to the other breeds and individuals in the surroundings.
Male is vanity of roughness, frivolousness of discipline. Uniforms are metaphors of war masks: big shoulders, tight backs, strong legs. I subverted American Navy and German Army trousers, turning them upsidedown or fusing them with tight denim leggings from girlish blue jeans.
As a social paradigm, we shifted from “make love not war” to “make a lovely war”: I still subscribe the first point of view. Berlin is the place where I designed and produced my new 2011Man collection. From my room with a view on Alexanderplatz TV Tower, I found all resources to conceive, design and produce my work. Berlin has been providing me with inspirations and operations at the same time.
Shown at: Premium Berlin, Public Image PR, Paris

photos by Juergen Schabes